What our clients say about us
  • Alector is an immuno-neurology focused biotech start-up advancing first-in-class therapeutics for neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer's disease. In collaboration with Biomedcode we explored the potential application of some of our drugs in the area of bone disease. We took advantage of their newly generated transgenic mouse model. They provided us with an excellent study report, with detailed explanations. Communication was very smooth and discussions were always very exhaustive. Overall it was a productive collaboration.
    Quote from Alector LLC, San Fransisco, USA
  • Biomed is a professional company with good research experience, in our two collaborations, Biomed always strictly followed the timeline, provided us with good report, and we could get quick response and support from them also. It is a good experience for cooperation with Biomed, so we introduced Biomed to several professors in related field and wish Biomed could service them future.
    Quote from a Biopharmaceutical company, China
  • BioMedCode provided us with professional pharmacology study and high quality study reports, by using their novel and sophisticated transgenic mouse models in the area of arthritis and bone disease. It was a nice cooperation, BioMedCode is a great partner to us and is a good choice to our drug development projects.
    Quote from a Biopharmaceutical company, China
  • ...that was a pleasure to work with Biomedcode. Perfect in every aspect: study design, correspondence, preparation of the report, timing, additional discussions and etc. Biomedcode was recommended to us by the other company and after working with them we highly recommend Biomedcode to everyone.
    Quote from a Biopharmaceutical Company, Moscow, Russia
  • The authors acknowledge the role of BioMedCode relating to studies involving the human Tg197 TNF transgenic mouse model of polyarthritis in identifying sensitive study designs to optimally address efficacy comparability in this well-establish and characterized disease model
    Acknowledgement from a paper published by a Biopharmaceutical company, Germany
  • We have several collaborations with Biomedcode, their scientific and efficient experiment schedules made each collaboration accomplished according to plan. From Biomedcode, we obtained convincing study reports and detailed records, which saved a lot of time for us in whole pre-clinical stage. We believe contracting professional works to such a professional and sophisticated group is a wise choice.
    Quote from Biopharmaceutical branch of a leading pharmaceutical company, China
  • It was a great pleasure working with Biomedcode that exhibited great expertise in preclinical testing and handled all the steps of the study with great professionalism always abiding by the terms of the agreement and always staying in close communication with us making this a very productive collaboration.
    Quote from Biopharmaceutical company, Shanghai, China
  • Our company had a pleasant experience of productive collaboration with Biomedcode s.a. in 2015. We would like to especially highlight the high quality of the study protocol preparation and report writing as well as efficient communication with Biomedcode’s CEO. We greatly appreciate your professionalism and looking forward to our future collaboration.
    Quote from Biopharmaceutical company, Moscow, Russia