MUGEN [2005-2009]: Integrated Functional Genomics in Mutant Mouse Models as Tools to Investigate the Complexity of Human Immunological Disease, an FP6 Network of Excellence... 
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Masterswitch [2008-2013]: Mechanisms to Attack Steering Effectors of Rheumatoid Syndromes with Innovated Therapy Choices, a multidisciplinary project focusing on the switches that determine the induction, progression and (lack) of resolution of inflammatory disorders... Read more >


Inflacare [2009-2013]: Inflammation and Cancer Research in Europe, a collaborative project aiming to develop new diagnostic tools and therapeutic strategies for malignancies associated with chronic inflammation... Read more >


TARKINAID [2012-2015]: Targeting Src-family kinases in chronic autoimmune and inflammatory disorders a collaborative project aiming to develop novel Src-family kinase inhibitors for the treatment of chronic autoimmune and inflammatory diseases... Read more


TheRAlead [2010-2015]: a National Network of Excellence collaborative multi-partner project that aims to establish a drug pipeline towards the development of novel therapeutic lead compounds. The project results will contribute to the national innovation potential in the field of translational medicine... Read more >

[2012-2016]: The role of chronic DNA damage in ageing and age-related pathology. In the frame of this Marie Curie ITN Biomedcode will explore the role of DNA damage mechanisms in the arthritis pathology…Read more >


aDDRess [2012-2016]: Joint training and research network on chromatin dynamics and the DNA damage response. In the frame of this Marie Curie ITN Biomedcode will be exploring the role of nucleotide excision repair mechanisms intestinal inflammation and cancer... Read more >

[2012-2017]: Combining academic and industrial resourses for developing new therapies against rheumatoid arthritis. An IMI (Innovative Medicines Initiative) funded research project where Biomedcode participates in the development & standardization of reliable animal models of arthritis… Read more >


INFRAFRONTIER2020 [2017-2020]: aims to build a world-class research infrastructure that provides the biomedical research community with the tools needed to unravel the role of gene function in human disease... Read more >