Model Description

EAE is induced following the immunization of animals with MOG 35-55 peptide in complete Freund's adjuvant and the concomitant administration of Pertussis Toxin. The symptoms of the disease manifest with progressive paralysis and the first signs appear 10 days following the initial immunization. EAE pathology closely resembles that of Multiple Sclerosis.

This is an ideal model for the preclinical efficacy testing of compounds targeting T cell function, including Th17 and Treg function, as well as inflammatory signaling pathways such as TNFR1.

Preclinical efficacy evaluation

Study design

An EAE study in C57Bl/6 mice is normally completed  35 days from the day of MOG immunization. Incidence ranges from 80-100%. A standard protocol involves a therapeutic regimen with administration of therapeutics starting at day 8-10, when pathology has already started developing. 


Read-out parameters

• In-vivo EAE scoring
• Body weight measurements

Figure 1: C57BL6 animals immunised with MOG, develop signs of paralysis starting at day 10, with symptoms subsidiry following Dexamethasone.