D. Kontoyiannis, Ph.D


Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Associate Researcher, Division of Immunology, BSRC ‘Al. Fleming’


Dr. Dimitris L. Kontoyiannis obtained his B.Sc. degree in Biochemistry/Biotechnology from Imperial College, London in 1992 and went on to pursue his doctoral studies at the Department of Biology of the University of Athens and the Hellenic Pasteur Institute where he completed his PhD in 1998 on the regulation of TNF gene expression. He continued his postdoctoral studies at the Pasteur Institute, where he focused on the study of cytokine networks in chronic inflammatory disease.

In 2001 DLK joined the Institute of Immunology of BSRC Fleming as an independent Group Leader (Assistant Investigator/Grade C Researcher) and in 2006 he was appointed Associate Investigator (Grade BResearcher). DLK is also the Scientist-in-Charge for BSRC Fleming’s Transgenic & Flow cytometry facilities. DLK has made several significant contributions in the fields of cytokine regulation, animal models of gene expression, immunopathology and post-transcriptional control of gene expression. In 2018 DLK was appointed as assistant professor in the Department of Biology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

In the past few years, the DLK group has been focusing on a selective set of post-transcriptional modifiers, the so-called “ARE-binding proteins” and the effects of their dysfunction in mRNA utilization during inflammatory responses and cancer. The team develops and employs several platforms for the analysis of RNA-binding proteins including conditional transgenic platforms, animal models of disease and platforms for the analysis of RNA:protein interactions in vivo.