E. Douni, Ph.D


Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Agricultural University of Athens

Associate Researcher, Division of Immunology, BSRC ‘Al. Fleming’

Dr Douni  obtained her B.Sc. degree in Biology with “honors” from the University of Athens (1991) and her Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics from the Biology Department of the University of Athens in collaboration with the Hellenic Pasteur Institute (1998), trained in mouse genetic engineering through the generation and analysis of transgenic mice as models of human diseases. Her current research interests are focused on pathogenic mechanisms involved in osteoporosis through the development and analysis of transgenic mouse models expressing human RANKL, the major inducer of osteoclastogenesis and bone resorption, but also on novel genetic causes of neurodegenerative diseases, the mitochondrial proteins DNAJC11 and SLC25A46, with critical role in mitochondrial biogenesis and central nervous system pathogenesis. Dr Douni has great experience in teaching both at the undergraduate level and at Master Programs, while she is also supervisor of 8 Ph.D., 6 M.Sc., and more than 20 undergraduate theses. She has actively participated in national and international research grants either as coordinator (John S. Latsis Foundation, GSRT/ARISTEIA II grant, GSRT/RESEARCH – CREATE – INNOVATE grant) or co-investigator (European Commission/Network of Excellence, Hellenic Ministry of Education/National action “Cooperation”, Hellenic Ministry of Education/“Thalis” grants, European Commission/ITN grant). Her work is getting published in well-respected peer- reviewed journals and she has received over 2200 citations, while she is regular reviewer in a number of scientific journals. Dr Douni is co-founder and Executive Board of the International Bone Marrow Adiposity Society (2017-2020) (http://bma-society.org/) and co- founder of Biomedcode Hellas SA.