Animal models provide an important tool in the development and efficacy evaluation of new drugs.  Biomedcode’s extended portfolio of unique mouse models  closely resembling  human pathologies includes:

  • Wild type or humanized mice induced to develop various pathologies
  • Mutated mice developing disease spontaneously

All of our mouse models are carefully characterized to identify their similarity to human disease and they are validated with commercially available therapeutics in preclinical platforms for the evaluation of novel human therapeutic approaches.

Modeled Human Diseases

Arthritis Spondyloarthritis Osteoporosis Psoriasis Intestinal Inflammation Multiple Sclerosis Acute Inflammation Breast Cancer (under development)

Humanized Drugable Targets

TNF TNFR1 RANKL IL-17 IL23p19 (under development) IL12p40 (under development)

Current Ongoing Projects

Human IL23p19 Transgenic Mouse

Human IL23p40 Transgenic Mouse

Breast Cancer Models