The Disease

Osteoporosis is a metabolic disease characterized by decreased bone mass and density that unavoidably lead to bone fragility and increased incidence of fractures.

Our Preclinical Testing Tools

The TghRANKL mouse model spontaneously develops osteoporosis pathology from the first  weeks of age with 100% penetrance due to the overexpression of human RANKL.

Osteoporosis Preclinical Evaluation Platform

TghRANKL mice treated from week 4-10 of age with standardized denosumab regimens show complete osteoporosis remission.

Read-Out Parameters

TRAcP serum levels measurements as a marker of osteoclast activity

Histopathological evaluation of femur sections

μCT analysis of femurs and evaluation of trabecular and cortical bone morphology

Validated platform

Human RANKL driven osteoporosis

TghRANKL mice develop spontaneous osteoporosis pathology and can be effectively treated from 4-10 weeks of age with a range of doses of anti-human RANKL biologics .

Competitive Advantage

TghRANKL osteoporosis model efficiently recapitulates human osteoporosis pathology and in combination to standardized evaluation  procedures it offers the opportunity for reliable evaluation of the efficacy of anti-human RANKL biologics and denosumab biosimilars as well as novel osteoporosis treatments.