There is high need for osteoporosis therapeutics. This need can be greatly satisfied if identification, validation and development of novel therapeutics is supported by humanized  precision  disease  models. The TghRANKL mouse model efficiently recapitulates human osteoporosis pathology and in combination with standardized evaluation procedures we support the reliable evaluation of the efficacy of anti-human RANKL biologics and denosumab biosimilars as well as novel osteoporosis treatments.

μCT analysis of trabecular bone allows the precise evaluation of osteoporosis pathology. Features of osteoporosis pathology are revealed through μCT analysis of parameters including bone volume, trabecular density, number and thickness etc.


TRAcP is a robust osteoporosis biomarker revealing treatment dose response. Measurement of TRAcP serum levels allows precise monitoring of disease state already from the second week of treatment.


Integration of these readout parameters in a TghRANKL based preclinical platform   of allows the precise evaluation of the efficacy of therapeutics targeting the osteoporosis pathology.